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Currently, 1 in 4 Southwark residents are struggling to afford food

Southwark Food Security Action Plan

What is the SFAA?

SFAA is a collective of charitable organisations, residents and community partners uniting together to coordinate interventions and design new and innovative initiatives with the goal of increasing food security and food equality in Southwark.

In July 2019, The Alliance spearheaded the need for Southwark to have a borough-wide Action Plan to address food insecurity. You can read the action plan here.

SFAA has three long-term goals

  1. Improved access for food insecure people to pathways of support
  2. Improved education and learning about sustainable food
  3. Improved access to healthy and affordable food for all

To achieve these aims the SFAA intends to

  1. Increase the number of community-led solutions to food insecurity.
  2. Increase residents’ awareness of what support services are available and build a better understanding of the support that residents need.
  3. Increase people’s confidence in managing their food security.
  4. Improve the ability of residents to get through periods of food crisis.
  5. Reduce the number and frequency of people relying on crisis support.

The SFAA is committed to ensuring that the recommendations made in this action plan are implemented to widely benefit Southwark’s residents, particularly to improve health outcomes for those on low incomes, and to support the borough’s voluntary, community and statutory organisations to progress this agenda.


Being food secure means being sure of your ability to secure enough food of sufficient quality and quantity to allow you to stay healthy and participate in society — Food Foundation, 2016

— Food Foundation, 2016